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The first fact one should understand about Trampolining, both as a sport and as a recreation, is that it is an enjoyable, health-giving pastime, suitable for either sex of all ages,

It is practised throughout the world as a competitive sport and also as a recreational activity.

As from the 1st January 2000 Trampolining became a discipline within British Gymnastics and appeared in the Olympic games in September 2000.

Trampolining has become recognised as an option in the national curriculum and is becoming an increasingly popular option for GCSE and A level students.

Trampolining encourages participants with special needs as substantial improvement can be seen in co-ordination, stability, muscle tone, confidence and self-awareness.

Other benefits of Trampolining include: -

Strengthening of limbs: numeracy: patience: communication: co-ordination: independence: self-confidence: balance: muscle tone:

Reaction speed: self image: eye contact: sense of achievement: stamina: spatial awareness: body awareness: social awareness:

Consideration of others: trust and confidence in coach/assistant: colour recognition: increasing height and depth perception:

Fun and enjoyment.